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Home Twisted Home!

A Whole Slew of New Zulu...Comix!

For those not into the Patreon scene, here is a slew of comix I've created this past year, some of them in tasty chunks!  First off:

The first sequel of my first sequel! Being flung onto an island for a cannibal's dinner was only the beginning of bank associate Leanne's nightmare!

Now she's in a whole other universe, charged with taking a young man on an important journey.  How it turns out will shock and TiT-illate you!

Buy it now for only $6.50 USD!

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In "celebration" of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, I drew up a tasty little tale that put more emphasis on a certain Amazon in twenty odd panels than Zack Snyder did in an entire 2 1/2 hour long movie!

Not that it did much good for the main course of my first issue of Mean Cuisine!!

Enjoy this tasty tale for only a measly $8 USD!!

And here's a biggie of a comic!  Based on Menagerie's warped tale of Capitalism and Cannibalish, The Customer is Always RIght is over 80 panels of demented Zulu goodness!  Curvy Kim is only trying to make a buck, and finds selling out her fellow saleswomen to a slew of gruesome goblins come incredibly easy to her.

But will it cost her as well in the end? Only way to find out is to buy the whole sordid saga! Each 20+ panel chunk is only $4 USD! Just follow the links below!:

And that does it for today's Zulu Update!  Also, check out my video section for some hot and tasty treats as well!
Till Next Time...
See Ya When I See Ya!!

Just in Time for Thanksgiving,

Femm Cann Fans!!

My first whack--no pun intended--at femm-cann is finally complete!  When a guy named R.J. from the Poor Side of the Tracks tries to improve his lot in life--illegally--he learns in the most horrific way possible that crime doesn't pay!

With his dick, even!!

Will this hunky half-wit survive becoming a Bologna Boy?!

The first in an ongoing series, this puppy'll set you back $6.00 USD for over 40 pages of deliciousness!!

Brand New Comic for Sale

A busty young banker makes the mistake of stepping over the threshold of Castle Franz in the newest installment of the Cookbook of Horror!!

The first of four issues, this 25 page puppy can be yours for a measly $6USD!

Yeah, the last site is pretty much dead.  But here I'll post the comics I plan to sell--my freebies will be on Pulptoon from now on.  Even got stuff posted up in Donner Party Catering.  But I'll post up new comics for sale when I get them done--got three coming soon!

See ya when I see ya!!